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@henrylau89: 외국 친구들이 한국 여행할때 고급스러운 여행을 시켜주려고 합니다. 어디가 좋을까요? with sungmin.

(trans)Need to plan a high-class tour for foreigner friends when they come to Korea. Where will be good? with sungmin

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VIXX (N, Hongbin, and Leo) Ice Bucket Challenge after HEX SIGN OsakaRyeowook nominated N, Kwak Siyang (Actor from Glorious day) nominated to Hongbin and Wassup Dain nominated to Leo. 


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cr: Hypnotic Fantasy // DO NOT EDIT

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My mom just said mamacita randomly and has no idea why I’m cracking up.

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shinee’s resident shawol lee taemin

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Always with us

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